Youth Exchange “Revitalising our old traditional games”

Summary of the project
This Exchange is planned to provide guidance to participants in developing their knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity throughout its implementation.
During the eight day programme young people from seven countries with different cultural backgrounds will be involved in planning and organising their own activities, experience a decision -making processes, responsibilities and to witness a new culture and values. They will work together in collecting and testing different creative and peaceful games that their parents played in the past, instead of the violent ones that are present today. The games will assist in the promotion of multi-cultural understanding which is closely related to aspects of personal and social development where participant’s self-esteem is promoted and participants are encouraged to think about and respect the feelings of others. The project will help to re-discover the fun of learning and playing together, trying games played in other counties and cultures, as well as offering participants the chance to share their own favorites. Structured activities such as: collecting peaceful and creative games, research, adjustment and preparation for displaying on web pages with the collected games, community field trips will offer the participants an opportunity to learn about themselves learn more about other cultures and ultimately change their lives and communities.

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