EVS project “Beyound Borders” in Youth open center in Rietavas, Lithuania










When? 1st of September 2018 – 31th of August 2019 – 1 year EVS project

Where? Rietavas, Lithuania

For who? Young people resident in Macedonia between 18 and 30 years old

How much? All costs are fully covered by Erasmus +. Accommodation, insurance and pocket and food money are provided. The travel costs will be reimbursed.

Short description of the organization and the project:

Rietavas Open Youth Center a non-political, non-profit youth cultural association established in 2011 and based in Rietave, Lithuania. It is specialized in youth work and operates in fields of non-formal education intercultural learning, it is a place where young people always find space for their ideas, dreams, free time activities.  The ultimate goal is to help young people integrate into society in all its spheres to achieve their permanent socio-economic independence. Center is working on the following activities: developing and implementing non- formal education of young people, organizing workshops, lectures, events, camps, indoor and outdoor activities, provide information and advisory service to help young people in important choices.

The main objective of this project is to welcome two motivated volunteers from Czech

Republic and Macedonia who would help to raise awareness among young people and who would be interested to build, discover together an innovative ways, methods of youth work and implement these ways into work with young people in Rietavas community that would increase theirs integration into the social environment, an interest in their rights and opportunities in the local and international level.

For more information about the project please download and check the info-pack here!

The interested candidates should send their CV and motivational letter to orce@me.com

The deadline to apply is until 01st of August, 2018

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted!

Good luck ? !




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