EVS project „With open eyes I see the word“ in Day Activity center in Kretinga, Lithuania


When? 1st of September 2018 – 31th of August 2019 – 1 year EVS project

Where? Kretinga, Lithuania

For who? Young people resident in Macedonia between 18 and 30 years old

How much? All costs are fully covered by Erasmus +. Accommodation, insurance and pocket and food money are provided. The travel costs will be reimbursed.

Short description of the organization and the project:

The day activity center was established in 2001 as a day center for youth and people with disabilities (comelox, intellectual disorder, physical) from the age of 18. Disabled people have various disabilities, light and heavy, however they are very friendly and creative. The institution is a methodological center for social work, has an award for work with young people, services are licensed in accordance with the laws of Lithuania. Currently, the institution is working to obtain the EU EQUASS Quality Certificate for Social Services. There are 30 disabled people who visits center every day, with about 15 employees working with them.

Volunteers activities during the volunteering period will be organized in the institution, community groups, meetings, social activities.

Volunteers will actively participate in daily activities, organized events, they will be assistants of youth with disabilities, and social work trainees. Daily activities will consist in art groups – ceramics, arts, sewing, cooking, yard management, sports, physiotherapy, theater, alternative dance, discussions, games, creativity and other activities.

Volunteers will also help organize important events such as the Tolerance Day, the International Day for the Remembrance of People with Disabilities, the Christmas Day, the Valentine’s Day, a celebration of friendship, city fairs, and celebrations or programs that will be prepared for youth with disabilities in other cities of Lithuania, in other social institutions.

Volunteers will be responsible for preparing and delivering presentations about their culture at events and informal meetings with city schools. They will have all our support and help with the necessary assistance, materials and communication with the representatives of the planned organizations where they will deliver their presentation.

As well volunteers will have opportunity to share their own ideas and with the support of the Day activity center stuff will be able to implement them.

Volunteers will be given the opportunity to spend their leisure time with local informal youth groups, thus knowing Lithuania, Lithuanians, Lithuanian traditions and culture, ways of communicating.

For more information about the project please download and check the info-pack here!

The interested candidates should send their CV and motivational letter to orce@me.com

The deadline to apply is until 01st of August, 2018

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted!

Good luck ? !

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