Kavadarci has always been an agricultural town. Many families depend on farming, which has traditionally been the most important sector of the economy. Unfortunately, despite the great agricultural potential that the town offers and the high level of unemployment, young people are less and less interested in farming and agriculture. In addition, in the whole town of 40 thousand people, there are only few certified organic farmers. This is why we would like to promote organic farming, especially among youth. We believe that it is a great opportunity for young people who want to start their own businesses and be self-employed. In the same time, it is great for the environment and for the whole community.

And not only that – through our previous work we have discovered that organic farming can be a great tool for developing young people’s skills and competencies. Working on a farm with their peers and under the supervision of youth workers, young people learn about team work and cooperation, develop a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship, and become more prepared to enter the job market. Thus, starting a program in the field of organic farming in Kavadarci would have a positive impact not only on the use of organic methods in agriculture, but also on the personal development of hundreds of young people. If we succeed, our program will be a unique and highly effective example of sustainable youth work.


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We have been working in the field of organic farming for a couple of years already. In cooperation with local farmers, we have developed hosting projects for international volunteers, who would spend a month or two in Kavadarci helping the farmers with their everyday duties. The projects have been very successful and they inspired us to start thinking about establishing our own farm, which would allow us to do much more and to involve the local young people as well.
Our idea is to buy a piece of land near the town and to start growing various agricultural products in an organic way. Local farmers have already agreed to help with setting up the farm, and we only need funding to make it possible. If everything goes as planned, we will also set a stand at the local market in Kavadarci where we will sell our products – promoting organic farming and providing sustainability to our work.
In order to inspire other youth organizations and young people to start similar projects, we will document our work and will publish a handbook on how to start your own organic farm. Inspirational videos will be also prepared and distributed through the internet.