Long Term EVS in KREAKTIV, Macedonia

When? October – August (11 or 12 months)

Where? Kavadarci, Macedonia

For who? Young people residents of Poland between 18 and 30 years old.

How much? All costs are fully covered by Erasmus +. Accommodation, insurance, pocket and food money are provided. The travel costs are covered.

Short description of the organization and the project:

KREAKTIV Kavadarci is a local NGO that works with Erasmus+ and also does a lot of local projects. We need an EVS volunteer that will work in one of these fields:

Option 1: We need a volunteer that will work in the field of preparing theater plays, movie making and photography. The volunteer will lead and help the young people do to their project and how they can implement it. By this  the volunteer will get a better understanding in the field of theater and film.

The volunteer will gain experience on how to be more creative, how to become better at making theater plays and films and also they will improve their photography skills. The volunteer will also gain experience on working with young people as a youth worker, educating them and will gain team and management skills.

Option 2: We need a volunteer that will work in the field of web or graphic design and taking photos of the activities, workshops and events that we are organizing. By doing this they will gain competence in taking care and moderating a web site.

The volunteer will gain experience and will improve their skills in taking better photos and managing a web site.

For more information about the project download the info-pack EVSInfopack

Person contact: mrgorgi85@gmail.com ,  +389 72 318 459 

If you are interested in this project please APPLY HERE! 

The deadline to apply is until 18th of September, 2018

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted!

Good luck ? !

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