LIBERTAS is a monthly youth magazine fully prepared by a group of young people from different countries, supported by the Youth Association creACTive. Published for the young people worldwide, LIBERTAS is distributed through the internet to anyone who is interested – free of charge.

Each issue of LIBERTAS has a different main topic, but it is also bringing you information about interesting places to visit and events to see; updates about amazing music artists, books and movies; interviews with young people and updates about exciting youth projects.

You can download or read LIBERTAS online on the web page You can also always write an article and send it to

If you have something to relevant to share, whether about a gallery, a book or album release, excellent online universities or internship opportunities please get in touch with us. Stay up to date with our publications! Each one is a collection of exciting happenings around the globe.

Our writers are conscious young people around the world, writing for the same audience. Our goal is to promote youth development and encourage life-long education of all kinds. LIBERTAS is an extension of the many other projects we maintain, from conferences to seminars and fundraising. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about what we do.

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