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The Youth Association creACTive is accredited hosting and sending organization since October 2007. Currently creACTive has 2 active EVS projects open for volunteers, based in Skopje and Kavadarci. Detailed information about them can be found on the following links:

EVS project in Skopje

EVS project in Kavadarci

Information about the current activities of creACTive’s EVS volunteers in Skopje and Kavadarci is available in the Actions section of this web page.


Adam Gazda – Czech Republic

It was big experience for me to work in creACTive. Before I came I didnt know too much what exactly I will do even if I read desription of activities which I supposed to do there. After my arrival to Skopje I could choose if I want to do this or this but in all cases I was supported by organization to achieve good results.

During the work I improved my language skills (English, Macedonian), I learnt how to organize events involving many people and generally events which take place in strange country where the working conditions are different from the condition for which I am used from my country. So that also means that I improved the ability to better adopt for new conditions.

By work in creACTive I also could get know many intercultural differencies between Czech Republic and Macedonia and since my flatmates (also working in creACTive) were from different countries I could learn about life in their home countries. Last but not least I learnt about work with young people, how to solve some problems and how to improve the work with them.

Marion Andre – France

I was volunteer 9 months in the youth organisation Creactive (Skopje). During my EVS, I took part in different kinds of projects: French workshops in primary schools (puzzles, games, songs, movies and theatre, for children between 11 and 14); advertising workshops in high schools (what is “advertisement”, functioning, advertising examples and role-playing); French class for the members of Creactive. In our youth club, we organised some activities for youth people every week (after school, during week-end and holidays), like French class and cooking workshops. Every month, we managed to organise “International Movies Evenings” (with food and films) with the members of Creactive and the European volunteers in Skopje. I also worked with the French Cultural Center (in Skopje) to help them with Communication. The aim was to encourage learning French as second language in primary schools (we made some presentations, games, quiz…). Sometimes Creactive also asked me to present my EVS life during some presentations in schools or during some Youth Exchanges and trainings.
Being EVS is a great opportunity to improve languages, to discover a new country and another way of life abroad. This experience is fulfilling for interpersonal skills (self-confidence, tolerance, creativity, organisation…) and professional skills (how to lead a project, to take initiatives, to work in team in English, to increase knowledge about managing youth projects…).

Anna Zadrozna – Poland

Kelly Binault – France

First of all the work within creACTive allowed me to be in touch with children, to learn new words in their company I have discovered another culture which is very enriching. Then the members (president, vice-president, secretary, professor mentor) of the association always encourages us in the improvement of our register whether it is in English or Macedonian. There is a climate of confidence, support and solidarity which reigns within this association. creACTive leaves us the choice in our project according to our skills, the association imposes us nothing. creACTive is an association which takes care of his volunteers and are available . I met extraordinary people thanks to creACTive. The members of the association facilitate our integration in the association but also in the country by giving us Macedonian’s courses(prices) and by supporting in our projects I had the lucky to live with roommates with whom I enormously learnt also .

Take advantage of your voluntary service because the time passes very fast and you are lucky to be to be a part of the best association!! You can only learn within this association and pass of very good moment !

Thank’s for all ,very good memories ,very good experience

Manon Limusine – France

Filip Niedzviecki – Poland / UK

Annes Org – Estonia

Lucie Ferlin – France

Agnieszka Tatera – Poland

Anette Ross – Estonia

We all look for challenges in our lives. After finishing high school in Estonia I needed mine. Something exciting for a year related with children and youth, different cultures, languages and open people. Definitely I found it – my EVS service in creACTive Kavadarci.

Volunteering experience in Macedonia showed me a lot in a new way. Starting from seeing myself in unexpected  roles to exploring different ways of living everyday life.  Working with local young people was giving so much positive energy. Seeing high school student playing guitar better day by day, Roma girl writing number 2 first time in a right way or group of young people from local village learning to do recycling art just makes you smile.

As much as I enjoyed working with young people I liked learning Macedonian, getting to know local people and a real cultural mixture around me. Firstly, it was easy to get in touch with local Macedonians, Albanians, Roma and Turkish, but in addition, there was such a big group of international volunteers to get to know.

Working in CreACTive gave me on a one hand a lot of experience in youth work, organizing projects and events, leading workshops. But I feel that much more important part of my volunteering was experiencing Macedonian lifestyle, getting to know volunteers who enjoy doing their work and seeing people being happy and satisfied with all they have around.

Caroline Bjorklund – Sweden

Pedrol Vieira – Portugal


Farewell Video – Adam Gazda was Czech EVS volunteer in the Youth Association creACTive for the period of 9 months.

Marion Andre – former French EVS volunteer presenting her work on the Macedonian TV station A1

Marion Andre – Farewell video