Youth Exchange “We are young Europeans. Let’s discover each other!”

Dates of the project: 30 October – 6 November 2015 in Tarnów – a city in southeastern Poland   

Project description

Project  “We are young Europeans. Let’s discover each other” will be the international youth exchange bringing together 42 participants from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech Republic, Albania

Macedonia, Slovakia. The participants are supposed to be young leaders, young professionals, active students. We also welcome young people with fewer opportunities who are determined to  become leaders in their communities. The age limit is 1825.

The working language of the exchange will be English.


The methodology will be based on nonformal education. The participants will take part in energizers, interactive workshops, debates, reflective and evaluation groups, field game, group workings, case studies.

Main aim

All the participants will have one common feature – they will be all young Europeans. Relying on this, participants will be presenting their national history pointing on similarities and discrepancies. The participants will understand European community, how the concept of history has change and influenced young generation and be encouraged to feel as a equal citizens of common Europe. European citizenship will be fully presented and discussed.  Young people are the future of the Earth so they need to develop themselves all the time. According to this, great emphasis will be place on improvement of soft skills such as: assertiveness, negotiation, team work, etc., and empowering a position on labor market.  Each country will organize an intercultural evening which will provide knowledge about history, culture, traditions and customs of participants’ countries. That will broaden horizons and open participants’ minds.



Accomodation during the project will be in a hotel with high quality facilities. The participants will be hosted in rooms for 2 or 3 people. The WiFi is available.   Accommodation, meal and activities costs are entirely covered by the host organization.



Participants don’t need to worry about booking any tickets. A comfortable bus will be hired by organizator and bring each of participants from a meeting point in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania directly to the place of accommodation in Poland on the first day of the project. A way back will be looking exactly the same.

All details, exact time and place of meeting will be given to participants in advance.


To apply for the project please click here. The deadline for application is 19 August 2015.
Please note that there is administration fee of 10 euros payable to creACTive and only selected participants will be contacted. 

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