Youth Exchange in Oostende, Belgium

Again, the Youth center Kreaktiv gave an opportunity to the youngsters from Kavadarci to participate in youth exchange on abroad. Five members from the center on age from 13 to 18 years, together with a leader- employee from Kreaktiv, were part of a group of 38 participants that attended this exchange. Beside Macedonia, there were also participants from Belarus, Germany, Island and Belgium.

The exchange started at 28th of July and it lasted until 7th of August. It took place in Ostend, the most famous touristic city and this year’s city of culture in Belgium. The purpose of the exchange was preparation of a small play that was presented on the last day of TAZ festival (Theater Aan Zee- theater on sea). It is a festival for drama and music traditionally shown in the past sixteen years.

The participants had the honor to work with two professional actors who helped in the preparation of the play, but all the ideas were given from the youngsters. The final result was a postmodern drama, a performance that lasted 30 minutes and it was shown in front of 300 people.

Despite the rehearsals for the show, on this youth exchange the youngsters had also a lot of fun. “We had a great time, we made a lot of new friends, during our free time we practiced beach sports, rafting, kayaking… and every evening we visited concerts and plays from the festival “-said the youngsters that participated in the exchange .
As before, in the future there will be more exchanges to come for other young people from Kavadarci to participate.

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