Looking for partners from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Serbia

Summary of the project

During 8 days of working together, young people from 6 Slavonic countries will have the opportunity, through structured activities, to experience the relationship between language and culture by creating their own scenario using, as a platform, the famous story of Le petit prince. As part of this they will do research on common words of which there are many in these Slavic languages. They will work on remixing the scenario making it a combination of English and Slavonic.

Also they will try to answer on the questions like: what does culture mean in an increasingly globalised, connected world and what is the relationship between language and culture? In this Exchange, participants will discover the connection between the Slavic languages and cultures. They will see the similarities and differences by discussing key quotations and sharing their insights on the questions they raise.

Participants of this Youth Exchange will be from 3 countries which use Western Slavonic languages (Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland) and 3 countries which use South Slavonic (Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia). People from these countries are speakers of closely related languages. There is a natural relation between them so that it is possible for the participants to think about and discuss language as a reflection culture, or vice-versa.

Participants will be expected to familiarize themselves with the book, and the Exchange will begin with a group summary of the story. This will motivate participants to come prepared since otherwise they will not be able to properly participate in the opening stage of the Exchange.

Partners and Participants:

We are looking for partners from the follow countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.

Four participants from each country plus one youth leader

Financial rules:

For APV – 100% reimbursement for group leaders, for Youth Exchange – 70% reimbursement of all travel costs

In case you are willing to support this Exchange, please fill in the part III and fax it to +389 2 3220 994

for additional questions please contact the project manager Valentina Joshevska: jvalentina@cre-act-ive.org


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