Why Czech’s don’t like Russians?

There are many reasons for my stay in Russia and one of them was to get an answer to this question. After half a year living and travelling in the biggest country in the world I think I can understand and explain basic cultural and historical problems Czechs can have with Russians and when Russians come to Czech Republic I can also understand and explain why they are not welcomed very warmly. I will try to explain it from the point of view of a foreigner; a Czech person using historical context.
As I pointed out, when Russians travel to Czech Republic they should be ready, that they may not be accepted with enthusiasm and good moods. It of course entirely depends on personality of the person they met and his/her previous experience (or lack of experience) with Russians. Before the year 1968 there wasn’t much contact between Russian and Czech people at all (if you don’t take into consideration the small amount of people serving in legions in Russia during and after the First World War or in even more distant history, brief visits of important Russians which you cannot count as common
people). There was not much personal contact between ordinary Russians and ordinary Czech people. Czechs in the past usually just heard fragmented stories about some distant Slavic country in the east. With the end of Second World War liberation from Nazi was done for eastern part of Czechoslovakia by Soviet army and for whole west- ern part by the Allies, two years after the end of Second World War in the year 1948 communists took the rule in Czechoslovakia describing Soviet Union as our eastern “brother”, a biggest friend and ally. After that time people just constantly heard about good things from the Soviet Union, never bad. So over time, Czech people who never met Sovi- ets or Russians, just believed what they heard. Sometimes this trust was shaken a bit by goods brought from Soviet Union which “was” the best on the world. This was said as propaganda; in all actually they were quite crappy. Also, some people remembered the behavior of
the Soviet soldiers during liberation from Nazi. As any other soldiers, they weren’t very gentle and created the image of the Soviet army as strong yet brutal and an inhumane army. In this period between the years 1945 and 1968 the thinking about Rus- sians was quite undamaged in Czechoslovakia and not many Czechs had reason to dislike Rus- sians.


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