International Volunteer Day 5th of December

The Youth Centre creACTive Kavadarci celebrated on the 5th of December the International Volunteer Day. A big team of young volunteers supported by the team of the Youth Centre organized a very nice event in the museum of Kavadarci with exhibition, concert, theatre play, video, games and workshops. The aim of the event was to thank the volunteer for their contribution to the society and encourage the active citizenship of young people, support and help them in the realization of their ideas and projects.  A lot of young people, their parents and other local people, as well as the president of the council of the municipality and the local Medias of Kavadarci were present and appreciated the work done by the young volunteers. Many of them were involved in the realization of the International Volunteer Day, they got certificates proving their active participation to the organization of the event, the responsibilities they were given and the skills they developed with this experience. The whole team of creACTive is very proud of them, and will continue to encourage them to contribute to the development of their local community.

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