KREAKTIV Kavadarci celebrates 5th of December

International day of volunteers is celebrated since 1985 by various non-governmental organizations, Red cross and individual volunteers.

This year local organizations and foreign volunteers
invite you to celebrate together :

12.30 – Main square
Hot tea, Nintendo Wii tournament, games, local and international volunteering possibilities
19.00 – Museum-gallery Kavadarci
Exhibition ” Macedonia through eyes of volunteer”
21.00 – Cafe Club DOORS
Coffee with volunteers and karaoke

Event organised by : Младински Центар Креактив Кавадарци, Sovet za Preventiva Protiv Maloletnicka Delikvencija, Zona, Red Cross Kavadarci, Centar for Regional Sustainable Development Negotino, Red Cross Negotino

Supported by: Kozuvcanka Kavadarci, Museum-gallery Kavadarci and Cafe Club Doors

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