Call for participants- Youth exchange in Poggio Mirteto, Rieti, Italy

When? 14th – 23rd of July 2016

Where? Poggio Mirteto, Rieti, Italy

For who? Young people aged 14 to 19

How much? All costs are fully covered. Roundtrip, accommodation and food. There is a participation fee of 10 euros payable to creACTive before departure.

More details:

MediAware is a 10 days long Youth Exchange & we can say that… The program develops life skills while working & creating together We will share basic knowledge about photo and video making It’s about learning how to protect ourselves and others while using media It’s a space where you make friends with people from different countries There’ll be opportunities to learn how to work in an international team!

The aim of MediAware: Empowering Youth in the Digital World is to give participants the competences to use media at their full potential and at the same time to protect themselves from online threats. This Youth Exchange will involve 36 people including those with physical, sensorial or light mental disabilities and those who do not have disabilities but live closely to the world of disability (friends, family, colleagues, social workers, etc.). The project will also focus on the use of audiovisual tools. Participants will first learn the basic aspects of photography and video-making in order to create products which will express their sensitivity and perception of the world. The participants will have the chance to experience different roles: photographers, actors, directors, cameramen. This experience will enable them to engage with the others by sharing their own ideas and competences in a way to develop a more critical approach and actively participate in social life creating audiovisual messages and information for web. Once the group has developed a basic understanding of how media content is constructed, we turn their attention toward potential dangers planted in such content. During the programme, we are going to address the issues of gender stereotypes, body image, cyber-bullying and online security. These topics won’t only be discussed by the group, but through media awareness-related activities, we are going to invent and explore possible ways to avoid and/or solve such issues. Besides this topic we’ll also work on our team-work, cultural awareness and sense of initiative.



Application deadline March 13th, 2016

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted

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