Visiting organizations and youth centers around Latvia and Estonia

As a young person that started to be interested in the youth work a year ago this was one of my best experience. My first study visit went great, I learned and saw something really differed from Macedonia. Youth work is something that is really needed nowadays because of many reasons.
Vising organizations and youth centers around Latvia and Estonia, I saw the way that they are working, activities that they are implementing and the structure of organization.


It was really interesting to see how some of the organizations started, and how they made their ideas come real. When an idea connected with youth work come to our heads, we always think that it’s crazy and impossible to implement such a thing, however there are many examples where we need just to set the puzzle and it become real. In addition talking with some of the organizations about the target groups and how to attract them was useful in many aspects.


Personally it was something new for me to see the system of interested (hobby) education and defence league – youth sector. However the most important thing was to compare the youth work between Balkan and Baltic countries and to learn from each other, so we can find better way of work.

At the second half of the project we saw the benefits from the youth exchanges and how to make effective youth exchange. I really hope that the project that we started to develop there is going to be implemented and young people from Balkan and Baltic countries will have a chance to participate on youth exchanges, share and learn something.


By Kristijan Nikodinovski

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