EVS project in Daily Center in Wezemaal, Belgium

Sense for ecology? Eager to explore the possibilities of nature? Environmental issues interest you?

If yes, then this is the perfect project for you! 🙂

The Centrum Molenmoes is currently looking for one EVS volunteer for a full year in the Youth Center Rizsas.


When? 1st of August 2018 – 1st of August 2019 – 1 year EVS project

Where? Wezemaal, Belgium

For who? Young people resident in Macedonia between 18 and 30 years old

How much? All costs are fully covered by Erasmus +. Accommodation, insurance and pocket and food money are provided. The travel costs will be reimbursed.


Short description of the project:

The main tasks is being part of the garden-club and maintain with them the garden (planning, seeding, harvesting, using the harvest, maintainance, ….) This volunteer willl be a link between youngsters attending the day-center Rizsas and the local volunteers in the garden.

Ecology, gardening is a common thing all over the world which makes it interesting to have some intercultural experiences in our environmental project.

The target group of Centrum Molenmoes is a divers group of people out of the society: youngsters, volunteers, local neighbours, companies, . The main aim to have this mix of people on the centre is to bring the youngsters from rizsas in contact with the society and show them different aspects of life without imposing them.

As a garden volunteer you have not always direct contact with the youngsters. It depends from year to year if youngsters show interest in the garden. Each volunteer searches his/her own way to get interaction with the youngsters. Some things need to be done in the garden and on the other hand there is freedom to find way to get the youngsters involved in the garden or have interaction with them.


The garden is one of the small project in Centrum Molenmoes and is not meant to produce a lot of vegetables. It is more a garden where we learn together, where we exchange and volunteers have the freedom to experiment. Agreements about the garden and making plans happens in the gardenclub (mix of local volunteers and EVS volunteer) supported by a staff member of Centrum Molenmoes.


The volunteer will have the chance to learn about social work in Belgium, dealing with youngsters that lost track in the school system. He will do this by being in the centre, talk about what he is doing in the garden, share experiences, invite them to come and help in the garden, cook with vegetables from the garden or even other created actions.

Besides the gardening the volunteer has also the chance to focus on another activity according to his interests. Especially in wintertime the volunteer will have tot think of some alternative activities. Here is free to make his choices. Some volunteers do artwork, painting, others do sports (yoga, football, biking, …), or cooking or ….

The volunteer has the opportunity to develop an own project and experience personal growth in this experience.

For more information of the project please download and check the attached document.

The interested candidates should send an email with their CV and motivation letter to orce@kreaktiv.mk

The deadline to apply is 10th of April, 2018.

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted!

Good luck ? !




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