EVENT: I love Skopje because…

On November the 13th 2012 in creACTive the PTPI Skopje creACTive Student Chapter decided to organize an action as a part of the celebration of the city holiday: The day Skopje was freed during World War II. About 20 members of our chapter gathered on the Stone Bridge in Skopje and people that were passing by told us or wrote down reasons on the topic: “I love Skopje because…”. The Stone Bridge is a significant symbol in our city that connects the 2 sides of our capital. It is a place where different people meet every day, offers wonderful view of the river Vardar, the square and the new look of the new building in Skopje.

This was an interesting thing to see in Skopje, it was fun watching old and young people, from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds, giving their best in order to choose the thing they love the most about Skopje. The event was accepted well among the coincidental people that passed by and drew a lot of attention.

Some of the interesting answers we got were:

  • Because of the people who live there.
  • Because of the most beautiful memories.
  • Because no other place compares to it.
  • Because is my warm home…
  • Because I can eat burek even in 3 o’clock in the morning.

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