Kreaktiv Kavadarci in a new location

Youth Center creACTive Kavadarci has been actively working for more than two years now. From February 6th 2012, we began operating from our location at 1vi maj br. 1. above the police park and next to “Rocca”.

The official opening was held on the 4th of February. In attendance were many local young people from our country and abroad as well as representatives of the City Council of Kavadarci.

The center is open every day from 11 to 21h. and Saturdays from 16 to 21h. Currently the youth center offers courses in foreign languages ​​(English, French and Spanish) for youth and adults, workshops for art, theater, classes in guitar and ukulele, educational and fun team games, sports, and we also organize debates, film and intercultural evenings. During leisure time, youth at creACTive can use free internet, play games on the PlayStation and meet other young people from Europe and engage in a multicultural environment in order to gain a unique experience.

Youth Center creACTive has a large library with an extensive collection of diverse literature. There are different genres available in Macedonian and English to satisfy book lovers as well as increase the motivation amongst our young members to read more and enrich themselves with a great book. Those who are interested can come to creACTive to review our library and to get more information. We will be happy to assist in your selection.

creACTive helps young people strengthen their skills and directs them towards an active European-youth society. Within the organization of the center, there is a representative body of young members – creACTive Juniors Club, through which, the youth actively engage in the activities and organization of the youth center, assisting in all activities, providing ideas and criticism, and creACTive supports their free expression and debate.


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