Little Prince – youth exchange

The Youth Exchange “The Little Prince” took place from 6th to 15th of April 2009 in Hotel Sliv in Vinica, Macedonia. The project is a mutual cooperation and hard work among the organizations Mu-zee-um from Belgium, creACTive from Bosnia, Drustvo Centar Pomoc Mladim od Slovenia and creACTive from Macedonia. The project was applied through the Belgian National Agency and the organization Mu-zee-um.

During the 10 days the youngster had an unique opportunity to get to know more about each other’s countries, about their habits, traditions, differences and yet recognize similarities. They worked, had fun, learned, grew, smile together during this days.
We took the theme of the Little Prince (the book) and used it to create a theater play for the youngsters in Vinica, thus we enriched the cultural life of this city through our performance.

Have a look through the video that the local TV station created about the final performance.

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