EVS project in Daily Care Centers in Krakow, Poland

EVS with STRIM in Daily Care Centers of Children Friend’s Society

When? 1st of July 2018 – 30th of June 2019 – 1 year EVS project

Where? Krakow, Poland

For who? Young people resident in Macedonia between 18 and 30 years old

How much? All costs are fully covered by Erasmus +. Accomodation, insurance and pocket and food money are provided. The travel costs will be reimbursed.

About the project:

The aim of the project “Youth Friends” is to increase knowledge, develop social skills, acquire new skills and shaping and strengthening pro-social attitudes of European young people through the daily work at educational institutions engaged in formal and informal education. The 12 months project will allow volunteers to obtain knowledge about the inner working of the educational institutions (including how its work changes in holidays and during the school year), and will promote their creativity, and civic and local engagement. During the project volunteers will have an opportunity to learn about the organization of the child support organizations and their work-flows with children and youth which are in difficult family situation. The European youth will support the institutions and bring international and multicultural environment to the local society. The work experience in professional organization and guidance of the qualified and experienced teachers/educators/instructors will be the focal point of the future professional development of the project’s participants. Participants in the project will be supported in their active involvement in all its stages. On an effective results of the entire project will ensure a large group of people (coordinating organization, host organizations, mentors, sending organizations), therefore, at any stage of the project, volunteers will not be alone. Such a various project requires a large network of support and full involvement of all parties to the project. During the project 4 volunteers will be cooperate with a total of 8 different facilities of TPD (Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Dzieci) — two facilities for each volunteer.
TPD has four hours workday five days a week, therefore, the volunteers will be organizing and co-organizing larger events, during which all volunteers are working together, and their work is coordinated by STRIM, coordinator from TPD and the personnel of the facilities.

For more details about the project check the InfoPack. To apply you have to download, fill in and send the  application form to daniela@kreaktiv.mk.

The application deadline is 9th of February of 2018.

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted!

Good luck 🙂 !

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