Libertas on Human Virtues

To be or not to be … ?
People sometimes laugh about the idea of how easy and wonderful life would be as a cat. You get food when you are hungry, come cuddling when you want some company, and have a full sandpit for yourself. You can lie almost wherever you want because with that big “puppy eyes” face the world is in your paws.

On the other hand, you can’t have a family whenever you want, or at all because that’s the owner’s decision. This means you´ll maybe never have kittens. The most exciting thing you will see is that big bird outside the window that you just hurt yourself when trying to catch it through the glass.

As a human being, we have all the possibilities in the world to do whatever we want to; we are at the top of the food chain of life and nothing is impossible before you have tried. It doesn’t matter if you are born in a poor family or in a wealthy one because it’s all about believing in yourself and having the guts to do the things that have been spinning over and over in your head. This means that we can create our life and the whole world as we want it; if we want to build a bridge between a land and an island instead of taking a boat, we can do that.

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