Fundraising for the Youth Center in Kavadarci

The Youth Center creACTive in  Kavadarci exists since September 2009. All the youth of Kavadarci has the possibility to participate to many activities for free: english, french and poruguese classes, theatre, guitar, juggling, arts, debates, movie and intercutural nights, educative workshops, sports… creACTive Kavadarci counts around 300 members, 150 of them are visting the creACTive very often and are actively participating to the activities. This number is getting bigger every day.

The Youth Center is a project financed by the own funds of the Youth Association creACTive. Unfortunately, those funds are reduced to a minimum. Our biggest problem now is to rent the place. We couldn’t find any support until now and if we don’t find any kind of support this month, we will have to close the youth center in Kavadarci. The month of April is devoted to an active fund raising. From the 5th of to the 30th of April, we will have all the activities  on the main square in Kavadarci. We hope that this big event will make the population of Kavadarci more aware of our problem, which is directly a problem for the youth of Kavadarci We hope that this will help us to find sponsorship for the youth center to stay open.

Besides organizing the activities outside to be more visible, we will at the same time sell objects created by the members of creACTive during the creative workshops. The young team of volunteers of creACTive decided to walk around the city with a donation box, everyone is welcome to support this project.

Monday– 11:00-12:00 ; 14:00-15:00 –  guitar and Portuguese classes 19:00-20:00 –juggling and drawing

Tuesday- from 11:00 to 15:00 – French classes, 19:00 – debate.

Wednesday: from 11:00 to 15:00 –  English classes, 19:00 – educative workshop

Thursday form 11:00 to 15:00 – French classes, 17:00-18:00 Portuguese class

Friday: 11:00-12:00 ; 14:00-15:00 –  guitar classes, 19:00 volunteers night

Saturday: 12:00 –13:00 theater workshop, 15:00- 17:00 – drawing; 18:00: rollerblading

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