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by Tiberiu Iacomi

Warning – this article is as sincere as an article can be – in
the sense that it has no logical structure, no main idea,
just some random, ordinary thoughts written from the
bunker I have hidden myself into in order to spend some time alone
with God after the 21st of December 2012 – as one good friend said
to me: I plan to live forever – so far, so good.
Some people go to counseling. Others go to the psychiatrist. Some of
them choose to go to AA meetings. But I don’t have personal problems
to get advised for, I don’t have any pathological signs and I certainly
am no anonymous alcoholic. I am just an anonymous skeptical,
making the world’s problems my own and considering that humanity
has become a virus that we seem not to catch up anymore.
I will try to be creative – not to reach for aliens when virtues abandon
me in this so familiar world. 2012 is approaching, isn’t it? I wonder
who bought the TV rights to transmit live the end of our world. I
wonder who will make the best online campaign to get the most fans
at the end of our world. I wonder what leaders will have to tell us
offline. I’m getting too bitter for your taste? But ain’t that sweet for a
We are the heroes of our Second Life, we are the most sought for and
recommended professionals on LinkedIn, we have thousands of true
friends on Facebook and everybody is blindly following us on Twitter.
Shall we mention more – that all of you StumbleUpon all of you
and everybody digg-s for delicious people? We are more appealing
through our artsy pictures, more gracious through our quotes, more
generous with our clicks for saving forests and Somalian children,
more lenient and tolerant with our community’s mistakes, more combative
and talkative about the wars and religious or ethnic clashes.
Well, newsflash for you, happy, shiny people: the fairytale stops
when you log out. At least, that is what my bitter experience tells me,
making me the skeptic I am today. People found a refuge in social
networking and online communities because they had to improve
their self-esteem, to save face in front of themselves, to create other
personalities that would satisfy their inner unconscious moral drives.

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