Eko Skopje Festival 2010

In the 15 to 19 of September, in the Pivo fest, the creACTive team along with the cre8tiv8 team started the Eco Skopje Festival. With the support of the organization of PivoLend and also from our organizations, creACTive and cre8tiv8.

The main motivation behind this project-festival is relaying in a hope; the hope for a clean environment. People in general are careless about commune goods – this is one of the reasons that we have environmental problems. Just a simple reflection question: “To whom the environment belongs to?” – Hard one I tell you – but the answer that most of you will think of will be “To all of us?” In this case we are the worse owners ever – we enjoy nature and in the same time we destroy it with our careless actions and low interest upon its problems. We act careless when we see garbage around our house or even throw garbage where we feel like – because somebody else will pick it up! These attitudes are unfortunately a characteristic of the most of the people no matter in what city they live in. Some cities are more or less developed in processing the garbage – still this is not an excuse to trough garbage where I feel like. The ultimate solution is a high culture of recycling and a strong education and respect for what we own – the common goods!!! This is one of the reasons for which we decided to start this project and continue it through seminars and trainings. The solution lies somewhere between the involvement of the authorities and the involvement of citizens. Until now we think that we have a failed marriage. Still, we have the hope of a positive change and we act towards achieving this goal.

But first of all, let’s start from the beginning; our first step was to create a TV spot. With the help of Tijana we could manage to film and edit the movie, which can be seen here

Eko-Skopje Festival Promo from Tiago Cardona on Vimeo.

In the festival, our first move was to build 3 big recycle bins, for cans, paper and Plastic, a long day of work, but in the end, our work was done 🙂 In the next day we started the activities, with a lot of curious people, we did activities such as recycling paper, badges made of bottle caps, ashtrays made of cans, wallets created from used milk and juice cartons, necklaces with painted pieces of recycled paper, etc.

I must admit that the final result was good, we show to everyone that with useless material that you have at home, you can make beautiful art 🙂

Carolina Nunes & Tiago Felix

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