Flash Mob in Skopje

On 20th December 2011, the Youth Association creACTive has organized one not so usual event that happens every day here in Skopje. It was performed twice: one on the main square “Macedonia” and the other one at the VERO Center in Skopje. We are talking about FLASH MOB events that are organized all around the world on public spaces like squares, shopping malls, on the streets etc. The participants are dancing on one unique and recognizable choreography that is performed everywhere the same on the Michael Jackson’s song “Beat it”. This flash mob event is characterized by the massiveness of the people taking part in it, that on first instance it seems that they were there spontaneously. But later, as the melody goes on, group by group is joining the mass and create one synchronized dance all together. That drags the attention of the other “normal” people that were on the spot in that moment and they ask themselves “What is going on?” Most of the Flash Mobs have its own aim why are organized.

The idea and the aim of the young people from creACTive was on symbolic way to mark the week of volunteerism when many similar events and voluntary action have been organized. All together, on creative way, to celebrate the International Day of Volunteerism – 5th December.

All the 130 young people that took part on the Flash Mob event have practiced the choreography one month. They had rehearsals several times in the week. The participants were not only from Skopje, but also from Kumanovo, Kavadarci and Bitola. The participants from Skopje practiced the routine at the sports hall next to the primary school “Nevena Georgieva Dunja” in Kisela Voda. This sport hall has been given to us to use it for the rehearsals, from the Agency for youth and sport and the Municipality of Kisela Voda. The cooperation with these institutions was really great and really helpful. And here is the result from all that:


HUGE THANKS to the coordinators from Skopje (Hristijan Prodanov) and from Kumanovo (Vesna Gjurkovska) who helped a lot to all the participants in order to learn the routine faster. We are also grateful to the Agency for youth and sport, Municipality of Kisela Voda that provide us the space for the rehearsals, to our partner the Center for Intercultural Dialogue from Kumanovo that provide us with sound equipment and of course VERO Center that hosted us where we felt really comfortable.

GREAT JOB guys!!! See you on the next Flash Mob soon.

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