Kreaktiv’s 2015 EVS volunteers

Every year Youth center Kreaktiv is hosting and sending over 30 volunteers through the ERASMUS+ program. Some of them are doing a long term volunteering and a big part of them are coming and going for short term volunteering.

Many young people from all over Europe are coming to do their EVS in Kreaktiv, Kavadarci, Macedonia. Some of them want to improve their professional competences in organizing and managing, other want to develop their skills for, and to, work with children and youth. Many of the hosted volunteers are excited for working with youth and adults with disabilities and other socially endangered groups. Kreaktiv also does an organic farming project. There is a 4000 m2 field and the activities are done between March and November. During 2015th there were red peppers and egg-plants produces on this farm.

In the last, 2015th year, Kreaktiv has hosted volunteers from France, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania…

Youth center Kreaktiv has also hosted 3 Slovenian short-term volunteers from the Children and Youth Centre of Zavod Manipura called »Vila Čira Čara«. They helped to organize local activities for youth and to manage all the activities on the organic farm, such as weeding, harvesting, watering and selling on the local market. Two of the Slovenian EVS got involved into the activities for Kreaktiv’s summer camp as well.

* Maja Jerzak did one month EVS in the Youth center Kreaktiv and got involved very actively with the local youth inside the youth center, but also, she did a lot on the Organic farm. She was always ready to learn, experience, help and share her skills with the young people from the town of Kavadarci and the other international volunteers of Kreaktiv.

* Nik Pajich and Renata Likar also did a short-term volunteering service in Youth center Kreaktiv. They were very active with the youth group, but also with the group of disabled kids and adults. Nik got more involved with the sport activities and Renata was spending more time for the creative activities in the center. Both of them were learning, experiencing and working on the Organic farm of Kreaktiv as well.

Maja, Nik and Renata had many opportunities to gain new experiences, to improve their knowledge and to exchange skills and knowledge with other peers from Macedonia and many other different countries.



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