Freeze Flash Mob Skopje 2012

On December 30, creACTive and PTPI creACTive Student Chapter from Skopje organized Flash Mob. 100 participants volunteered to participate in this event. The main idea was to focus on the people who are doing this and that’s why the Frozen Flash Mob was held in Skopje one day before New Year. We wanted to spread the message that nowadays is very useful to be a volunteer in our community. The Flash Mob was organized by high school student who are also volunteers. The first time the group of 100 people were frozen at the City Square Macedonia and one hour after that another freezing was held in the Skopje City Mall. Our slogan was DON’T BE FROZEN , ACT. The citizens of Skopje were in shock when they saw hundred people frozen for 5 minutes. PTPI officers and members are sending big thank you to all volunteers who helped us to organize such an amazing event and to show what is the importance of being a volunteer. The photos are from the rehearsal at the City Park in Skopje and also from the performances in both places. The pictures are showing how the volunteers were frozen for those 5 minutes. Soon we will post the video from this Flash Mob at the PTPI Facebook Fan Page.

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