Conflict prevention: path to peace and active citizenship

Living in this world of changes, with everyday obligations and contacts with other personals means confrontation with conflicts, prejudices and stereotypes as well as misunderstandings.

Those uncomfortable situations were a motive for realization of the latest project of NGO creACTive-“Conflict Prevention: Path to Peace and Active Citizenship” which was held from 16-25 February in Shtip, Macedonia.

The countries that have toke part of this project were: Macedonia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The main aim of the project was providing youths with special techniques and methods of conflict prevention. The participants had the possibility to realize how the media influences personals behavior.

For successful realizing of the project, the topic of the training course was touched deeply within different methods. Open discussions, group activities, self-reflection, types of communication, and ways of solving conflicts, media influence, stereotypes were the activities that were realized during those 9 working days of the training course.

The project Coordinator, Mr. Robert Janev, consider that the countries involved into the project and different personals are faced with everyday problems. Regarding to his statement this project is a great opportunity of the young population to gain knowledge and experience for becoming active youth workers who will share their acquired knowledge in the future. Their various attitudes and behavior were a great base for discussions.

The common conclusion of the participants is that people in the achievement of their challenges act different and that should be respected. Likewise they have concluded that it is early to make conclusions before being aware of all the facts, therefore the stereotypes are far away from the reality. According to them, the influence that media has on people is big and usually they are abused, but on this everyone should react with common opinions.

The workshops of the training course were leaded by a team of three trainers, Ms. Gordana Gancheva (Macedonia), Enrique Miana (Spain) and Aleksandar Weisner (Serbia). The techniques and methods that they have presented were from their previous experience into the Youth in Action Programme and University education.

On one of the evening’s programs was organized and intercultural night where the participants had the possibility to taste food, drinks and to find more about the other countries included into the project. They had the chance to visit The Smolare Waterfalls, Monastery of Vodoca and the town of Strumica. They had enjoyed and in the town of Shtip and it’s surrounding during the training course.

The participants had concluded that the knowledge that they had gained during the training course will help them with everyday situations and as a youth workers to influence on the others:

Magdalena-Macedonia: The training course was great. I liked the way that trainers shared their knowledge and experience with us.

Sihin – Italy: It’s a first project for me and I like it so much. I think that topics such as conflicts, communication and mediation are so important especially in these time. Thanks to all here I’m learning much.

Biljana-Bosnia & Herzegovina: I had learned how different we are and how important is the toleration and good communication with people. The organization of the project is great and the trainers were able to help every time.

Kersten- volunteer in Serbia from Germany: I like the sessions, it’s nice to have people from different cultures around me.

Desa-Serbia: It is a first time for me in Macedonia and I like it here. The workshops are interesting and useful. We had a nice company and after the sessions.

The project realized by NGO creACTive Conflict Prevention: Path to Peace and Active Citizenship is financed by the Youth in Action Programme approved by the European Commission.

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