Feeling Home – Youth Exchange

From 3rd to 17th of July 2008 creACTive and Mu-zee-um from Belgium hosted the youth exchange “Feeling Home” in Ohrid, Macedonia. The project gathered together 48 young people from Macedonia, Belgium, Bosnia and Hungary.

On begin of the project activities, it was a little bit taught to incorporate all the participants together but this matter was solved in few days. From each national team there were about 12 young people with different social, educational and culture background who contributed for realization of the project activities. It was really interesting and creative youth exchange because mostly of the activities were not lead by the national leaders but from the participants. Therefore it brought out enough space for the participants to express and exchange their knowledge, skills and attitudes about different issues.

During the 14 days there were a number of activities from which ones the participants could learn about each other’s culture, customs, music, dances, food, movies etc.
Regarding the intercultural dimension, there were organized 2 nights of Intercultural evenings. On the first evening there were presentations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary’s food, drinks, dances, music, daily life and country’s presentations. The next evening was reserved for Macedonia and Belgium’ presentations. Concerning these Intercultural evenings the participants for few hours could get into the life of these countries, to explore it and have fun all together. This method is very useful for gathering all the participants together, for breaking down the barriers and stereotypes about each others, as well as for getting introduce with the other cultures.

Additionally there were some other activities with Intercultural dimension, such as: the Lunch contest, the water games, the movie nights, the Show at the Centre Square in Ohrid etc. For the Lunch contest the participants were dividing in small, mixed national groups and they were given some amount of money to buy the necessary ingredients and to cook food for all of them. It was an activity where the participants from different countries had to discuss and find out a compromise what kind of food or drink they will prepare for the rest of the participants. Consequently, while they prepared the food they faced with difficulties because there are different taste and ways of preparing the food in all four countries. Anyway, there was cooperation, tolerance and understanding of the diversities among them and finally on the end there were several types of lunch and deserts prepared by all the groups. Concerning the Show at the Centre Square in Ohrid, all the national teams prepared some show points, such as: dances, juggling, playing guitar, singing etc. in order to present to the people from the local communities their open-mind, no limits fun, and the fight against racism and discrimination.

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