Call for participants for “Nobody’s Land” a Youth Exchange in Tiszaladány, Hungary

When? 18th – 26th of April 20017

Where? Tiszaladány, Hungary

For who? Young people from 18 to 25

How much? All costs are fully covered. Roundtrip, accommodation and food. There is a participation fee of 10 euros payable to creACTive before departure.

More details:

The topic of the exchange fits to the topic of everyday, the immigration of migrants, and in the same time to the transmigration of the youth. During the planned youth exchange we don’t want to come to a decision оf the question, rather to emphasize the development of competences behind the topic. During the exchange the participants would be looking for answers to the question as does the refugee crisis endanger the operation of the EU, does it have consequences, what are these, what can the member states do, what can the civils do, are we responsible in this question, what is the best behaviоur for young people, what are human rights, how can I help, who are refugees, what is immigration, what consequences does the transmigration of young people have, what is the situation with those young people who leave their country in favor of better living? Тhrough discussion of these topics, the aim is to develop young people’s tolerance, empathy, responsibility, respect towards others and acceptance.

Application deadline 10.03.2017


Please note that only selected participants will be contacted

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