Call for applications – Youth Exchange in Levelek, Hungary

When? 22 September to 1 October 2015

Where? Levelek, Hungary

For who? Young people aged 18 to 25

How much? All costs are fully covered. Roundtrip, accommodation and food. There is a participation fee of 10 euros payable to creACTive before departure.

More details:

Roma people face difficult situations everywhere they go, because they experience discrimination and prejudices in every country. They have to bear such a condemned status that further worsens their bad and disadvantaged situation both physically and mentally. In child protection, there are numerous children at a young age, who daily suffer from the outer society’s negative behavioral patterns. This condition is worsened in their cases, because they lack a secure domestic background. Shortly, we can state that they don’t have a normal life. However, it would be a false assumption even if we hear such kinds of statements in our daily lives. Thus the target group of the project consists of those youngsters who are in the scope of child protection system. During the planned youth exchanges, youngsters will have debates on discrimination and how to avoid it, share experience related to discrimination and try to find solutions for this problem. This is all to be done in order make them strong against their own failure on one hand, and make them aware of their own legal rights for protecting their and the society’s interests, on the other. During the exchange, we will lead the participating youngsters to this direction and stress their local level interest representations, interest protections and activities. Besides these, we want to make further steps towards forming the youngsters’ mind frame so as to make them capable of managing conflicts and putting their anger aside. During the exchanges, we improve the youngsters’ knowledge, competencies and behaviors through non formal pedagogical methods. With these methods, they will undergo such change that will be useful in the later stages of their lives. In the frame of the project, they will create and edit a journal, titled as “Életképek”
Organizations from the four countries will implement two 10-day-long exchanges with 32 disadvantaged participants. The exchanges will take place in Levelek and Ada, Serbia. The youngsters will be accompanied by group leaders and facilitators who will support them in the learning process.


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Application deadline September 10th, 2015

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted

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