Young People are Part of the Community Too!

Project Description

This international training course will gather youth actors from around Europe interested in intergenerational youth work. During 6 working days, the participants will be involved in various activities focused on working with young people while empowering the whole community. Besides the structured thematic workshops implemented by experienced trainers, this project will also include an action that will be carried out in the local community by the participants. The project is organized by the Youth Association creACTive supported by the European Youth Foundation ( and the European Network of Animation.

Aim and objectives:

Exploring how youth work can empower the whole community: a way to active youth participation and the development of the role of the youth actor.


  • ∼  Introduce the concept of action training
  • ∼  Exchange experiences of different approaches to working with young people within the intergenerational context in the community
  • ∼  Exploring the value of working with young people on a community and intergenerational level
  • ∼  Reflect and analyse the process of active youth participation and community recognition ofyoung people as actors of the community: exploring the role of the youth actor
  • ∼  Develop and implement methodologies for working with young people in conducting community based intergenerational activities                

    Project venue:

    The training course will be organized in Kavadarci, Macedonia. We will stay and work in the facilities of the sports hall “Jasmin”, one of the largest indoor sport facilities in the country. Accommodation will be provided in rooms located inside the sports hall, while meals will be served in a restaurant within the same complex. There will be 4 to 5 participants per room, with shared bathrooms. Please note this is not a hotel.

    Kavadarci is well connected with the capital city Skopje, with about 10 bus lines during the whole day. You will be expected to arrive directly to Kavadarci, but travel assistance will be offered to all selected participants.

    Profile of participants:

    This call is open for participants from all countries that are members of the Council of Europe. We are expecting youth actors involved in working with young people in various ways. This includes, but is not limited to:
    -­‐ Youth workers
    -­‐ Employees/volunteers in youth and/or community associations and other organizations working directly or indirectly with young people
    -­‐ Employees in local/regional/national bodies dealing with youth and/or community issues

    There is no age limit.

    Financial conditions:
    This project is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Thus, the organizers will cover the expenses for accommodation and food during your stay in Kavadarci, as well as 70% of your travel costs. Participation fee of 15 euros should be paid by each participant.

    Please bear in mind that only the cheapest means of transportation will be covered. The project budget is very limited and thus you are encouraged to find the cheapest possibility for traveling to Kavadarci. The project team will be more than happy to help you with this.

    Application procedure:
    Please fill in and send the attached application form the latest by the 25th of August. You will be informed about the selection results by the 1st of September. Please do not make any travel arrangements before you get official confirmation that you have been selected and that you can proceed with purchasing tickets. Filled application forms and any questions you might have should be addressed to You can also access us by phone at +389 2 61 30 709.

    Team of trainers and organizers:
    This project is organized by the Youth Association creACTive. More information about the work of creACTive is available at Dragan Markoski will be responsible for overall implementation of the project.

    The activity program will be implemented by a team of trainers experienced in non-­‐formal education. The team is consisted of the following trainers:

    Nik Paddision from the United Kingdom. Trainer profile: http://www.salto-­‐­‐a-­‐ trainer/95.html?oldEngineRedirect=true

    Dragan Atanasov from Macedonia. Trainer profile: http://www.salto-­‐­‐a-­‐ trainer/1280.html?oldEngineRedirect=true

    Solene Bouyaux from France. Experienced in human rights education, active participation, intercultural learning, theatre of the oppressed and in other fields.


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