The Young Entrepreneur’s Journey in Ada, Serbia – 23 to 31 August 2015

Call for Macedonian participants

36 young people with fewer opportunities from rural and urban areas from 6 countries (Hungary, Serbia, Armenia, Italy, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Romania) will take part in two-stage international youth exchange project “The Young Entrepreneurs’ Journey”

Unemployment is a big challenge for Europe and neighboring countries. The unprecedented technological development and increased inter-dependence that the world is experiencing have not provided a solution to ones who are left outside the system, especially the young people who find it more and more difficult to meet the ever-changing labor market demands.

The problem is even more acute among youth with fewer opportunities in rural and urban areas where opportunity is a scarce resource and access to education is limited. The frustration and disempowerment of the disadvantaged youth continually breeds low self-esteem, low motivation and cynicism.

This issue is targeted mostly from macro level through the notion of wise policy and effective management of the economy. We believe this is not enough. We are convinced that a true and sustainable solution can only come inside-out; when a shift in thinking and change in perceptions takes place in the minds of young people who come to understand that they have more control over their lives than they think and they are empowered to be proactive and strategic, to seize opportunities, to see the potential and take risks. We believe in the potential of small synergistic actions in local interdependent realities and the need to promote entrepreneurial spirit among young people.

We also believe that this empowerment and inspiration are best brought about to youth by young people themselves. Success story of one young entrepreneur can motivate thousands and the skills learned by a one youth worker can impact many in the local community in a ripple effect.

Overall aims & Objectives:

The main aim of this two-stage youth exchange project is to create a platform and a process where young people experience empowerment themselves and are equipped to empower others in their communities through exchange of ideas, stories, attitudes, techniques and tools that promote entrepreneurial spirit and skills of young people in general and young people with fewer opportunities in rural and urban areas in particular.

One journey, 2 stages! The international exchange project “The Young Entrepreneurs’ Journey” is comprised of two stages:

The first stage took place in Armenia where participants explored the subject, its challenges and opportunities. In between the first and the second stage participants will do research and observation in their local communities to find useful insights and opportunities for value creation, entrepreneurship and employability. The second stage of the exchange, which will take place in Serbia, will gather insights, learning, inspirations and experience of participants from their local communities and translate them into concrete business ideas and quality youth projects to be carried out under Erasmus + Programme.

All the costs related to the project are fully covered, meaning transportation costs, food and accommodation.

To read more information about the project, the venue and practicalities please click here. 

To apply, please click here. Application deadline 8 of August 2015. 

Please note that only selected participants will be contacted. There is a participation fee of 10 euros payable before departure.

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