T4T Comes Back – Training course

“T4T Comes Back” was a follow-up project of the Training Course “T4T Euro-Leaders”, held in Bosnia during August 2007. It took place in Ohrid, Macedonia from 31st of March to 8th of April. The project was implemented under the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission, and it gathered 24 young people from Belgium, Bosnia, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland and Serbia.

The initial project in Bosnia was related to preparation and development of Youth in Action projects. During its implementation, the involved organizations and the team of trainers concluded that the young project managers generally miss additional training in the field of youth work. Thus, the Youth Association creACTive applied for “T4T Comes Back”, which was clearly aimed at providing young people with knowledge and practical experiences of youth work and non-formal education. The following topics were covered during the training course: adolescence, basis of non-formal education and youth work, methodology of non-formal education, methodology of non-formal education, working with individual and with a group. The participants also had an opportunity to design workshops and to try to implement them into practice during the training. In addition, the project also aimed to cover some issues important for young people as project managers; and thus it included intensive and detailed session on the Youth in Action Programme and some time for project development.

We believe that there is a high potential for creating another follow-up project of “T4T Comes Back”, which would represent a continuation of the learning process initiated in Bosnia – this time in direction of conflict management. More information about “T4T” – part III will be available in the future.

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