Happy 2nd Birthday to

Friday September 30th Kreaktiv Kavadarci celebrated it’s second anniversary. For 2 years the youth centre Kreaktiv organizes workshops, language courses and activities for youngsters in and around Kavadarci, and that deserved a big party. The party started at 20h in the evening, and a lot of kids showed up in a nicely decorated Kreaktiv, until the whole centre was packed with young people.

After the official speeches the Kreaktiv band played and sung happy birthday, and meanwhile the birthday cake was brought in, together with the occasional fireworks.

The Kreaktiv band (Borce Grkov, Vlatko Joskov, Vlatko Bakev, Vlatko Petkov) prepared a special birthday-set during the whole week, and together with local singing talent, (Sijce Trajkova, Nikola Anelov and Dragen Kabranov) they performed music all night, covering famous songs like ‘Wicked game’, ‘Proud mary’ and ‘Rolling in the deep’.

After the concert the party lingered on, and ended outside with the remaining youngsters playing guitar and singing together in the garden, joined by a group of European guests participating at a training in Kavadarci that week.

Dancing and Singing, enjoying the music, the cake and the food, the party was a big success and a great start of the new working year. We already look forward to the third anniversary!


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