End of the international seminar “IN-Expert-LI: Intercultural Exchange of Experts on Learning Inclusion”

From the 30/03/2013 to the 06/04/2013 representatives of 8 organisations from different countries (Albania, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Spain) took part in the transnational seminar “IN-Expert-LI: Intercultural Exchange of Experts on Learning Inclusion”. This initiative, coordinated by Asociación Gantalcalá and funded by the European Commission under the Action 3.1 of the Youth in Action programme, met together 26 professionals and volunteers of the youth field in order to cooperate and exchange good practices related to intercultural inclusion and the acquisition of new cultural and/or language skills through non formal education methodologies. Hosted in Ezcaray (La Rioja, Spain), the seminar was focused on tools and projects that partner organisations use to create youth initiatives related to this topic and promote the youth participation and entrepreneurship in each country. Participants had also the chance to be part of workshops about interculturality, tools for intercultural integration or European resources that were developed to provide new skills and competences to support them on the creation of new projects or reinforce the local ones of their sending organisations. Furthermore, the seminar was designed as a framework for intercultural dialogue that made possible (thanks to special activities focused on this aim) the interaction between partner organisations, their direct communication and the promotion of future projects between them (presentations, best practices simulations, activities to set future partnerships, etc.).IN-Expert-LI_photo_4_b
Besides activities to exchange best practices and learn about the partner organisations involved on the seminar, participants also took part on other activities to learn more about the local enviroment and partner cultures such as an intercultural night to show the richness of all the countries involved on the project, an excursion to the monastery of Yuso, or visits to some local institutions and youth representatives such as the Riojan Institute of Youth (IRJ) or the Youth Center “La Gota de Leche” of Logroño.




Organisations participating in this project:

Asociación Gantalcalá (Coordinating organisation (Spain))

Beyond Barriers Association (Partner organisation (Albania))

CULTURE GOES EUROPE (CGE) – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. (Partner organisation (Germany))

Vicolocorto (Partner organisation (Italy))

Youth Association creACTive (Partner organisation (Macedonia))

Juventas (Partner organisation (Montenegro))

Asociatia Tinerilor Formatori pentru Promovarea Dezvoltarii Rurale ATFPDR) (Partner organisation (Romania))

Center for Youth and Social Development “RES POLIS” (Partner organisation (Serbia))



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