Call for Macedonian Participants – TC in Slovenia

Inclusion Cocktail, Step II

Training course for youth organizations


Slovenj Gradec, SLOVENIA

Brief reminder about the training course:


“Inclusion Cocktail, step II” is a training project for youth leaders and educators who would like to increase and expand their competencies and activities in the area of social inclusion through non-formal learning methods.
By using innovative and creative approaches to social inclusion education, the training  will approach “inclusion” through theatre methods and methods  of empathy, with the help of external experts who deal with special needs persons on a daily basis. Main outcome will be »Universal Design« for social inclusion which will be used in different countries through knowledge participants will gain in this project.


AIMs of the TC:

 Main aim of the training course is to develop skills and knowledge for youth leaders and trainers, who are involved in a work with social risk group youth, using non-formal methodology, based on social inclusion.

Increase awareness about human rights and social inclusion principles.

Analyze situation on inclusion in European context.

Sharing experience and develop knowledge about inclusion.

Get to know new methods and resources available on COMPAS and ALL TOGETHER book.



training it is going to be implemented from 23rd of October till 2nd of November, 2014 in very beautiful city Slovenj Gradec which is the capital city of Koroška region.


Program Methods:

Program will start with getting know each other, ice-breaking. After we`ll have introduction in social inclusion, and each country will present situation about inclusion in their own countries.

Participants will have presentation about existing handbook on inclusion ALL TOGETHER, and also have space to try some of those methods in practice.

Work mainly is going to be in small groups and we will try to organize it in educational, but funny ways. We prepare for some simulation activities.

There will be outdoor activities. You can try in practice everything you learn before. Outdoor could be quit challenging, so prepare good and be ready for surprises! J



The training will last from 8 days (excluding travel), include 24 participants from 6 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia). It will be held in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.




Slovenia MKC Slovenj Gardec
Czech republic CPDM Cesky Krumlow
Bulgaria Professional Forum for Education
Macedonia creACTIive Association
Latvia Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi
Croatia Eko Centar Latinovac


Selection of Participants and Application Procedure:


Dear participants, at the end of the page you will find also the application form, which should be filled in by each representative of your organization, who will attend the TC in Slovenj Gradec. We expect to receive carefully filled in application forms by the 20th of September, 2014 latest. They should be sent to:


Financial Condition/Travel Cost:

The training course will be implemented in the framework of EU Erasmus+ programme, the accommodation, food and materials will be covered fully.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to amounts provided by EU Erasmus+ programme.


Country Distance No. of pax Grand per pax Total grand per pax
Slovenia 0 7 0 0
Bulgaria 500-1990km 4 275eur 1100eur
Czech rep 500-1990km 4 275eur 1100eur
Macedonia 500-1990km 4 275eur 1100eur
Croatia 500-1990km 4 275eur 1100eur
Latvia 2000-2990km 6 360eur 2160eur


Please note that participant’s travel costs should not exceed the travel budget limits which were approved. Please refer to the table above for travel budget limits for each partner organisation. If the travel costs exceed the mentioned limits, the organizers will not be able to reimburse the costs.

Insurance is obligatory and should be arranged and covered by each participant.


Travel timing:

Arrival:                      23rd Octoberber 2014 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia 

Departure:                2nd Novemberber 2014 from Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia 

Please plan your timing in the way that your arrival and departure is in these dates.


Transport Details:


Participants have several possibilities to arrive; most common arrival points are:

  • Jože Pučnik International Airport/Ljubljana, Slovenia (110 km from Slovenj Gradec).
  • Karnten Airport/Klagenfurt, Austria (70 km from Slovenj Gradec)
  • Graz Airport/Graz, Austria (90 km from Slovenj Gradec)


All other participants will be picked up from the airports by someone of our team upon your arrival according your travel details you mentioned in the “arrival and departure schedule”.

Please look at the airport for a Person with the Training Course sign or Logo.

In case of emergency or any travel changes please call or send a text message to the person which will be responsible for you. You will be given the name and the phone number of person as we get your arrival schedule.




The Training Course will be hosted in new Youth Cultural Center/Hostel Slovenj Gradec.

Address: Ozare 18, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

Phone: +38628846293




Accommodation and Food:


You will stay in double rooms with bathroom and toilet in the room. You will be provided with bed sheets and towels. No hair dryers, though, if you need one, you have to bring it yourself. The Training room and Dining room are located at the same building. Organizers will provide participants with three meals per day, coffee breaks and purified water.

However we strongly recommend participants to inform the organisers IN ADVANCE about any special needs such are dietary, vegetarian or any other kind of special needs.


Participation fee:


There is an enrolment fee of 35€/participant. This amount will be paid at the beginning of the course.




Usually in October it is warm in Slovenia. The weather in Slovenj Gradec is very changeable. During the day it can be both: very sunny and cloudy. Average temperature in October is 10 °C, max 20 °C. Also, prepare yourself for outdoor activities as well!


Internet Access:


The organizers will provide Wi-Fi internet at the training hall, nevertheless do not take it as a guarantee that it will be available in rooms.


To apply to this project, please download the application form and send it to no later than 30th September 2014. 










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