Kavadarci Race 2015

An international running event in Kavadadrci.
Youth Association creACTive, together with supporting companies from Kavadarci, are organizing an international running event called: Kavadarci Race, 2015 “Born to Run”, in which anyone can take part. The event will be organised by local people and volunteers from different countries (Belgium, Wales, Estonia, England, USA). The event is open for all nations and ages.
You can also help as a volunteer in preparing and running the event, helping a big team of volunteers prepare one of the first running sporting events in Kavadarci for decades.

10K, 5K, 3K, 1K (for kids up to 10 years old).


The race will happen on 13th of September, Sunday, 2015 at 5:00pmLOCATION
The race will start on the hills of Vitachevo (near Kavadarci), towards Kavadarci on to the main square where the finish line is located.AGE 
There is no age limit for the event, except for the 1km event which is fun run for kids up to 10 years old.


Participation Fee:
The participation fee is stated below. For payment you will be contacted directly to your email address.

10k Run
 — 250 den.
5k Run/walk — 150 den.
3k Run/walk — 100 den.
1k Fun run (for kids up to 10 years old) — 50 den.*Note:Registration on-site, or after online registration deadline, will be possible, but the fee will be increased for 50 denars. .OTHER COSTS:
Except the participation fee, if you are not living in Kavadarci, and coming from different part of the country, the travel costs to Kavadarci is of your own arrangement. The transportation from the town to the start point is organized by the organizers.

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