Youth Exchange “Revitalizing our old traditional games”

YOUTH EXCHANGE “Revitalizing our old traditional games”

MACEDONIA, winter , 2010

Summary of the Exchange:

This Exchange is planned to provide guidance on the opportunities that participants need to develop their knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity during its implementation.

During eight days programme young people from  different countries with different cultural backgrounds will be involved in planning and organising their own activities, experience decision making processes and responsibilities and test new culture and values. They will work together in collecting and testing different creative and peaceful games that their parents played in the past, instead the violence ones that are presented today. Games will help them for promotion of multi-cultural understanding which is close related to aspects of personal and social development where participant’s self-esteem is promoted and participants are encouraged to think about and respect the feelings of others. Structured activities such as: collecting peaceful and creative games, research, adjustment and preparation of an educational pack of the games, community field trips will offer to the participants to learn about themselves, learn about other culture and ultimately change their life and communities


The objectives of the Exchange are as follows:

  • To raise awereness among young people about the bad influence of war games and weapon toys.
  • To become aware about the importance of  introduction of  peaceful games and exercise.
  • To prepare and publish an Educational pack of peaceful and creative games.


Four participants from each country plus one youth leader


Programme Countries and South East European Countries.

Financial rules:

For APV – 100% reimbursement for group leaders, for Youth Exchange – 70% reimbursement of all travel costs

In case you are willing to support the action, please fill the part III of the application forms  and send it first by FAX (or as scanned version by email) and following by post mail to:

Youth Association creACTive  Street: Nikola Vukmirovic 23/3 1060 Skopje, Macedonia

For more detailed question contact the project coordinator Valentina Joshevska at

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