Youth Exchange “ The Green Guards”

Summary of the project

This multilateral youth exchange is designed to make an impact on the local population’s awareness of environmental issues. Objectives focus on improving participants’ interdisciplinary knowledge; changing their attitudes about community involvement or civic action; and increasing their abilities in working in groups, solving problems, and applying their knowledge to real-world problems using ‘learning by doing’ methods.

The group of 30 young people from South East Europe and Western European countries will spend eight days together where, through group activities, they will have an opportunity to increase their interest, awareness and knowledge about protecting nature and raising their awareness about environment.

There will be plenty of workshops developed that will address nature and environment at the personal, local, and global levels. Workshops will provide a mix of simulations, role plays, reflection, case studies, discussions, and other experiential activities that help participants.

The Exchange will combat all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, where participants will have numerous opportunities to express their opinions and influence the local community in raising awareness about the protection of the nature.

The main goal of this youth Exchange is strengthening the participation of youth in environmental protection , devising new forms of action, more effective education and media presentation s of environmental issues.


The objectives of the Exchange are as follows:

· To encourage young people to create an inventory of their elders’ / conventional wisdom from their own community.

· To discuss questions of how to live in an ecologically sound fashion in a particular place, rather than questions of how to organise political action.

· To promote environmental education and to translate commitments towards the environment into concrete action of any kind.


Four participants from each country plus one youth leader


Programme Countries and South East European Countries.

Financial rules:

For Advanced Planing Visit – 100% reimbursement for group leaders, for Youth Exchange – 70% reimbursement of all travel costs

In case you are willing to support this Exchange, please fill the attached agreement and send it first as a scanned version by email to or fax at +389 2 3220 994 followed by a hard copy by post to:

Str. Nikola Vukmirovic 23/3 1060 Skopje, Macedonia

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