You don’t have to win it? Just don’t lose it

“You don’t have to win it, just don’t lose it.” Quoted by Ray Lewis.

Not everyone has the talent of being a football player and even fewer make it further then sitting in front of the TV with remote control in their hands or playing video games. The ways to be part of the World Cup are many, you can be among the most numerous ones who are just watching football matches with beer and snacks or
you can go deeper and disappear into the game world of FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa. In the description of the video game you can read: “feel the passion, the feelings and the rivalry between the nations” – so your dreams can come true, just not in reality”.

There are also football hooligans who seem to be more into disturbing, destroying and fighting then actually cheering and watching the matches. They could easily be fans of whatever conflict, just if there’s room for them to act all their destructive and unruly behavior leading the fans into panic and people being killed by fences and walls collapsing. And what is the point of it? Join a boxing club or something I would say.

Personally the World Cup doesn’t interest me at all, but sure, I can join others if they want to watch, and to watch them watching football matches is an amusement itself. The people get crazy, cannot move their eyes from the screen until it´s recess, in the best case, and before/after the game the only thing on their mind is the upcoming or the just played game. You see them jump, scream, throw things, laugh and comment as if they were there, as a part of the team they are cheering for. Are they really so obsessed of being someone else
that they cannot stay in their reality?

Kicking a ball, running and trying to trick each other just to be able to get the ball into a net and then scream, put the t-shirt over your head and get applause – the dream of lot of people. What does it mean to have such dream?

The World Cup emerges a lot of different reactions, feelings, behaviors, thoughts and mood from people all over the world; everyone is in it in one way or another. This event is a whole science if you think of it connecting all people, instead of looking at it as just a game and TV show.

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