Donation by Mara Foundation Amsterdam

3 board members on Saturday, October the 8th, 2011 visited the Cultural Center kreAKTIV in Skopje and had a workshop about the education system in Macedonia.

As part of the visit Mara Foundation also donated 2 computers and about 300 English and German books for the Cultural Center.

More about Mara foundation:

Mara Foundation is a studentorganisation that supports education for youngsters in the Balkans. For youngsters in the Balkans, studying is not as common as it is for us in The Netherlands. This fact was the incentive for us to put effort into creating chances for youngsters in the Balkans.

We believe in self-empowerment of people. That is why we aim at stimulating youngsters in the Balkans to invest in  their own future. We try to reach this aim by supporting educative youngster projects. Our support exists of donations of educative materials, such as books and computers. We prefer to do our donations in combination with a knowledge-exchange activity, such as a workshop, a debate or a quiz.

We travel to the Balkans four times a year. During such a journey, we usually visit projects we supported in the past, projects we might support in the future and projects we will support during that journey. The donations are paid with fundings of donators. Most of our donators are students. With the combination of donations from students and our target group being students, we have created the wonderful construction of students for students.

Besides our journeys to the Balkans, we are occupied with promoting our activities and we organise the background program of the annual Balkan Snapshots Festival, organised by Balkan Buro.

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