Повик за учесници “Training of trainers for youth employment and entrepreneurship”

The training course: „Training of trainers for youth employment and entrepreneurship“ will be held in Split, Croatia in December 2014.
The training course will take place in Croatia (Split) from 2nd December (arrival in the afternoon – before 18:00 o’clock) till 11th December (departure in the morning after the breakfast) 2014.
We kindly ask you to spread this call for participants and recruit participants as soon as possible.

About the training course

Employment, adequate social conditions and well-being are among the greatest concerns for young people. Youth all over Europe is at high risk of social exclusion and poverty, especially during the transition from education to employment. The non-formal education (NFE), vocational training and guidance can be very important in smoothening the transition between education and employment for youth, as well as the key importance of employers recognising the competences that young people acquire through NFE and volunteering in youth organisations. The entrepreneurship NFE can have great relevance in fostering the employability of young people.

Focus of the training course (TC) is to empower youth trainers to be able to develop and lead quality NFE programmes on youth employment and entrepreneurship in order to combat youth unemployment and exclusion. This project will allow focusing the efforts of organization on the urgency of providing necessary competences to young people who were never employed and becoming a space where those who recently lost employment can maintain their competences and use them in the civic life.

The core activity of the project is – 9 days long training course. It will be organised in the youth hostel in Split, from 2nd till 11th December. Project will gather 30 participants, trainers and staff from 13 organisations and 10 countries (Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia and Turkey).

• To reflect and exchange opinions about the youth unemployment and entrepreneurship in different European countries (tendencies and influencing factors, specifications of the target group, focuses etc) and existing youth work programmes dealing with it
• To discuss how non-formal education can positively influence better youth employability and employment and to share examples of good practices combating youth unemployment
• To empower participants for active promotion of youth employment and entrepreneurship and for work on raising youth employability skills
• To empower youth workers to become quality youth trainers of non-formal education activities for the (unemployed) youth in our communities
• To encourage the development of different education programmes for empowerment of unemployed youth in local communities, with special accent being put on developing their self-directed learning skills, entrepreneurship skills and business plan development
• To present the Erasmus+ programme and to encourage the creation of future projects with unemployed youngsters

The language of the training course will be English.

The participants should fulfil the following criteria:

– Age above 18
– To be active youth workers / leaders and are willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received on this training course.
– Willing to take action in the field of NFE for employment and entrepreneurship of youth
– Able to work in English
– Willing to share the new knowledge with the members of his/her organization once he/she gets back
– Able to attend the entire duration of the course

According to the project application there are 10 countries involved in the project:

– Croatia – 3 participants;
– Estonia – 2 participants;
– Latvia – 2 participants;
– Bulgaria – 2 participants;
– Romania – 2 participants;
– Hungary – 2 participants;
– Poland – 2 participants;
– Slovenia – 4 participants;
– FYR Macedonia – 3 participants;
– Turkey – 4 participants.

Travel and visa costs reimbursement

70% of travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest way of transport and preferably for the return tickets.

You will be reimbursed 70% of your travel costs (for all the original tickets and ways of travel that are plane, bus, train or ferry, NOT taxi and NOT car). There is a possibility that you will be reimbursed in higher percentage but it depends on how much will other participants spend on their tickets.

Participants must keep all travel documents (tickets, travel agency invoices and boarding passes) as organizers are able to make any reimbursement only on the bases of presented documents!
The travel reimbursement will be done by bank transfers to private bank accounts of yours after you return home and send us the ORIGINAL boarding passes and tickets. When you are buying a ticket, ask for additional bill as well, if possible!

Please don’t buy your tickets before we approve them! When you will plan your trip and BEFORE buying your tickets, especially if your planned travel itineraries are different than 2nd of December – 11th of December, please inform us in advance, so we can approve your tickets and travel costs. Also, if you travel from elsewhere than your town and country, please, inform us, so we need to approve it as well. Thanks a lot in advance!

When planning your trip have in mind that there are some cheap flights to Split (http://www.split-airport.hr/?lang=en) or Zadar (http://www.zadar-airport.hr/en) but you can also travel to Zagreb (http://www.zagreb-airport.hr) and from there take a bus to Split.

We expect participants to arrive to the hostel in Split no later than 18:00 h, so if you choose flights to Split you can arrive at the airport no latest than 16:00, but if you will fly to Zagreb or Zadar you should arrive there no later than 11:00 h.

Visa costs:

100% of visa costs will be reimbursed for participants from Turkey by bank transfer together with the travel costs after you return home.

Participation fee: 20 Eur

Participants will be accommodated in Hostel Goli i Bosi (http://www.gollybossy.com/en/home/) in the center of Split. Organisers will provide 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks per day. All additional meals, drinks and other needs, participants will cover for themselves.


Download the application form by clicking here If you are interested to participate in the training, please fill it in and send back by e-mail to kontakt@kreaktiv.mk untill the 9th of November 2014.
Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet till 15th of November 2014.


Dragan Markoski
02 61 30 709

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