Повик за учесници од Македонија

Youth Exchange 



Where ?  In Marche-en-Famenne (South Belgium)


When ?From the 08th of November to the 20th of November 2014 (in residential)


Who ? 22 participants from 16 to 25 years old coming from Belgium, Italy, Macedonia and Wales. This group will be socially diverse, and will bring together young people from different origins, with sense of creativity and the wish to be involved in artistic workshops (creation of political posters).


To do what ?

To discuss, exchange, create, express ourselves about discriminations, inequities, the way to fight them and to avoid their reproduction.


Us, young people, which injustices do we suffer in our life, in our projects, in our family, social, economic and cultural environment? And which source of empowerment are we seeking for to answer these situations?


The participants will explore these questions all along the exchange. With the support of professional artistic leaders, they will create political posters, learning to use the power of images and the strength of slogans in order to disseminate opinions.


The project will support the development of the political awareness of the participants, as well as their sense of creativity.


The project will lead to public exhibitions and will be publicly shown at the occasion of the EdA Day, on November 18th 2014 by C-Paje, a Belgian Youth Organisation. EdA is a seminar which gather a wide public of professional youth workers.


Good to know:

Our working methods will be the ones of non-formal education. Therefore, it supposes a permanent active participation of each young people, and encourages the peer education. Artistic expression will be an important component of our project.


We hope this project will have a strong impact on the participants, will be a source of social empowerment, intercultural learning, acquirement and development of soft skills. We also wish that our project be an incentive to youth participation.


About the hosting organisation:

The Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs, aka CBB, is a non-profit, non-political organisation recognized and financially supported as Youth Organisation by the Brussels-Wallonia Federation since 1978. It is member of the ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations since 1997. In Belgium, CBB is member of the federation of the pluralist and independent youth organizations.


As Youth Organisation, CBB is managed by young volunteers. 7 Board members out of 9 and 81% of the members of the general assembly are below 35 years old.


All the action of the organization is based on the principles of non-formal education (in the French meaning of Popular Education). Our projects aim to support the development of active citizens, capable of sense of responsibility, criticism and solidarity.  They offer a space for interaction and expression to people from diverse origins and abilities, with the objectives to encourage their awareness on societal challenges (from local to global level), to create new links of solidarity between them and between their communities, and to support their full participation in the society.


About the global project:

This youth exchange is the 1st component of the “Increasing Our Youth Opportunities” project (IOYO). IOYO gathers 64 participants from 24 partner organisations and 18 countries. It is composed of one youth exchange, one training course and one contact seminar. All these activities should lead to the development and multiplication of new international youth projects between the partners and their networks.


IOYO is financially supported by the European Commission, in the frame of the ERASMUS+ programme and by the Belgian national agency, le BIJ.


За да аплицирате потполнете ја апликацијата подоле најдоцна до 3ти Септември 2014 год.

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