South East European Youth Network – SEEYN

The South East European Youth Network (SEEYN) is a network organization involving 15 member NGOs from 8 countries in an attempt of overcoming differences among societies that have recent tradition of conflicts through gathering young people from entire South East Europe region to work together on global issues.



Cre-act-ive / KreaktivcreACTive International

creACTive is working hard to establish branches of the organization in other parts of Europe. So far we are in process of establishing creACTive Bosnia (visit: for more details). Plans for this year is to establish branches in Serbia and Montenegro. The mission of the network is to establish quality standards in working with young people using creativity as a tool


UNITED against racism


Linked through UNITED, hundreds of organisations work together on a voluntary basis. Everyone is welcome to take part in any of the activities stimulated by UNITED, but no-one is forced. Each action is prepared by an everchanging international planning group with members drawn from the network organisations across Europe.


Y-PEER Education Network

Y-PEER – the Youth Peer Education Network – is a global network of youth peer educators, a “social movement of youth reaching out to their peers”. Launched by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), this continually expanding network includes young people working in the broad areas of adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and both North and East Africa.