creACTive is a youth association for support of creativity and active citizenship of young people. Formed in 2007, creACTive has a main aim to assist young people’s development by providing them with a variety of non-formal education activities.

creACTive currently has one Youth Centre in Kavadarci and two Youth Clubs – one in Skopje and another one in the village of Drenovo. More information about their work is available under the “ACTions” section.

creACTive implements various youth projects, on both local and international level. While the local activities range from workshops, concerts, volunteer actions, seminars and sport competitions to various performances and other events, creACTive’s international work includes youth exchanges and training courses organized in Macedonia and in other countries, mainly in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. creACTive also sends and hosts volunteers through the European Voluntary Service, and since 2008 it acts as a Contact Point of the Youth in Action Programme for Macedonia.

Once a month, creACTive is publishing the Youth Magazine LIBERTAS, which is fully prepared by young people from around the world, and distributed worldwide. Read about LIBERTAS at

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our work. If interested, you are always welcome to join our activities!